October 30, 2006


I am a man who is living the mobile dream – in more ways than one. I am a technologist, executive & entrepreneur, working in the arena of the mobile web, and living around the world.

I’m Head of Developer Advocacy at Facebook.

Previously I ran Developer Relations at Sencha and was CTO at dotMobi. I’ve worked for startups, consultancies and a telecoms vendor.

Software satisfies my creative side. I use Python, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, C#, Java… and after that, they all start to look the same. Django, WordPress, Drupal, Rails, nginx & node.js are my server technologies of choice. MySQL and SQL Server databases like me: I love them back when I get them to draw beautiful pictures.

Welcome to my life online, and please take a look around. And if you like things a little more formal, here is my resumé.

Recent projects

  • IvyRoot – cloud-based mobile business intelligence for the 21st century
  • WhitherApps – debunking mobile app myths with HTML5
  • Professional Mobile Web Development for CMS Platforms (Wiley/Wrox)
  • PercentMobile – Python, .NET, Java & node.js APIs for mobile analytics
  • tinySrc – scaling graphics for mobile devices doesn’t get any easier
  • WordPress Mobile Pack – popular mobile plug-in for WordPress
  • HWOF.mobi – the mobile Hollywood Walk of Fame guide
  • MetaJam – an ultra-fast entertainment database for mobile devices
  • mobiForge – dotMobi’s influential mobile developer community
  • Mobile Internet For Dummies (Wiley) – the mobile web is for everyone
  • DeviceAtlas – large, fast, & comprehensive mobile handset database
  • Mobile Monday Dublin – you can’t beat friendly mobile chat & Guinness

…and a number of secret projects that I would have loved to have told you about.

Additional information can be found on the projects page of this site.


  • Founder, IvyRoot
  • CTO, dotMobi
  • CTO, Argogroup
  • UK Director, AnywhereYouGo.com
  • Founder, WAPtastic.com
  • Management Consultant, Ernst & Young
  • Product Manager, Sema Group Telecoms
  • Physics Teacher, Kings Sch. Macclesfield
  • MA (Hons) Physics, University of Oxford