December 10, 2010

Mobile, One Web, RWD &c – an unbuffered comment

Jeremy Keith’s blog post entitled ‘One web‘ is good summary of many of the points of view around designing and developing web sites and services for mobile devices. I think he has a staggered commenting system, so I thought I’d share my response here in the meantime. Don’t worry; it’s not inflammatory (or at least, is not meant to be!)
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July 15, 2009

WordPress Mobile Pack v1.1

The dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog.

We just launched v1.1, compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Download it, read the changelog, read about the features in full, or even join the team.
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December 31, 2008

So What Happens Next?

So, my wife has a new job in India. We’re leaving Dublin to have a flavour of life in the sub-continent. It was a dilemma to figure out how to fit this in with my own career.

After much deliberation, we figured that it wouldn’t really be possible to continue my current role of CTO. As well as the traditional CTO-like activities (evangelism, slideshows, strategy, whiteboard death-match), I’ve also been leading the, now quite large, development team at dotMobi. Doing that properly needs someone nearby, and not offset by five-and-a-half hours. So the CTO (aka VP Technology) role is now in the hands of a very able replacement – there’s certainly a world-class team to continue the good work in Dublin.
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December 30, 2008

Two Years @ dotMobi

This New Year marks my second anniversary of being CTO at dotMobi.

I’m making a big deal of this because, as of Thursday, I won’t be CTO at dotMobi. My wife Jayne, has landed a marketing job at a vineyard near Mumbai in India, and both of us, together with our two young children, are emigrating to live there.
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March 26, 2008

Plans, projects, places

It feels strange blogging these days. Everything appears to fly past on Twitter instead.

But just an update on some things going on here. Firstly my movements, recently and soon:

  • Mobile World Congress, Barcelona (it was OK)
  • SXSW, Austin (not much mobile zeitgeist, and I felt old)
  • A family skiing holiday (amazing snow for late March)
  • CTIA in Las Vegas (my favourite city, ahem… but Mobile Jam will be cool)
  • WWW2008 in Beijing (4 years since I was there last – will I recognise it?)
  • MoMo Summit in Malaysia (2 years, but ditto)

There’s certainly no shortage of mobile-related shows on at at the moment. Plenty of gigs containing the words “mobile”, “web”, “2.0” again this year. I think there are another two Spring events in London that I’ve missed from my list – and after all that I know I’m still, sadly, missing another sponsoree, Over The Air.

Secondly, things going on at dotMobi and elsewhere:

  • DeviceAtlas (launched last month, roaring success, 1,000 users already, yes I wrote some of the code)
  • (none of my code! but try flight codes and currency questions…)
  • (going from strength to strength…. 10,000 users)
  • (and similar… interesting idea, no?)
  • MetaJam (already paying some of the household bills; thanks AdMob!)
  • HotTwit (a bit of malformed fun; probably could do more with it)
  • IvyRoot (not even ready for prime-time on my own brain yet)
  • Erlang (a solution looking for me to find a problem for)

So, I guess this blog post is sort of an almanac of what’s going on in my life, circa Q1 2008.

If you’re at any of the upcoming events above, I’ll see you soon. If you have any comments on these various projects, let me know 🙂