December 2, 2011

Moving on

Friday is my last day at Sencha.
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December 1, 2011

First, Understand Your Screen

I unashamedly maintain that there is so much more to being successful on the mobile web than dealing with screen size. But I do accept that dealing with screen size is at least a first step.

Thank goodness then, that the matter of screen size is so simple and well understood.
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November 1, 2011

Bacon Off

Dave Kaneda and I wandered along to the Facebook Mobile Hack last week. We spend a lot of time attending, speaking at, and sponsoring hackathons, but wanted to have a go at getting involved for ourselves. Consider it SenchaCon decompression or something.
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October 15, 2011

Taking a new device API for a spin

I love Device APIs, even the non-standard ones. I think they are going to hoist the web up onto its next level of innovation, usage, and ubiquity.
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September 11, 2011

Of Sites and Apps

Users probably don’t care what’s a web site and what’s a web app. But I believe web practitioners should, if only to know when certain best practices apply, and when they don’t.

But does an established distinction exist between the two genres of experience? Not as far as I know. Is it to do with creation versus consumption? Linkability? User experience? Or the architecture underlying the way they are built?
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