September 10, 2010

Google Instant: 37 Golden Tickets

Google Instant provides results as you type. This is bound to keep SEO experts and marketing wonks awake at night trying to figure out what new user behavior it might engender.
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December 18, 2007

When politics blows up the semantic web

– or –

“Don’t vote for Hillary; it might break FreeBase!”

December 6, 2007

Bush hid the facts

If you are lucky enough to run Windows, open Notepad, type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes), and save the file.

Open it back up again …indeed, the facts are hidden.

(NB: I find this completely amazing. Why the hell would it do this?)

August 30, 2007

LUAS whitenoise

As the only passenger on this morning’s tram without headphones on, I enjoy a multi-track, second-order musical assault from everyone else’s.

I wonder… How many distinct musical sources can a human ear distinguish? Does it help if they are different genres? How many iPods are required to create perfect whitenoise?

August 28, 2007

Drupal, AJAX, Scriptaculous

Following my assertion that the only problems in Drupal are the ones you haven’t found modules for yet, I discover Drupal meets Scriptaculous

Exactly what I need to let users define their own layouts of mobile device information web parts.

Oh… did I just give away a secret?