May 25, 2016

Viagra Stamina

Viagra stamina So, viagra stamina my wife has a new job in India. Viagra stamina We’re leaving Dublin to have a flavour of life in the sub-continent. Viagra stamina It was a dilemma to figure out how to fit this in with my own career.

Viagra stamina After much deliberation, viagra stamina we figured that it wouldn’t really be possible to continue my current role of CTO. Viagra stamina As well as the traditional CTO-like activities (evangelism, viagra stamina slideshows, viagra stamina strategy, viagra stamina whiteboard death-match), viagra stamina I’ve also been leading the, viagra stamina now quite large, viagra stamina development team at dotMobi. Viagra stamina Doing that properly needs someone nearby, viagra stamina and not offset by five-and-a-half hours. Viagra stamina So the CTO (aka VP Technology) role is now in the hands of a very able replacement – there’s certainly a world-class team to continue the good work in Dublin.
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May 25, 2016

Herbal Viagra Reviews

Herbal viagra reviews This New Year marks my second anniversary of being CTO at dotMobi.

Herbal viagra reviews I’m making a big deal of this because, herbal viagra reviews as of Thursday, herbal viagra reviews I won’t be CTO at dotMobi. Herbal viagra reviews My wife Jayne, herbal viagra reviews has landed a marketing job at a vineyard near Mumbai in India, herbal viagra reviews and both of us, herbal viagra reviews together with our two young children, herbal viagra reviews are emigrating to live there.
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May 25, 2016


Viagra It feels strange blogging these days. Viagra Everything appears to fly past on Twitter instead.

Viagra But just an update on some things going on here. Viagra Firstly my movements, viagra recently and soon:

  • Mobile World Congress, viagra Barcelona (it was OK)
  • SXSW, viagra Austin (not much mobile zeitgeist, viagra and I felt old)
  • A family skiing holiday (amazing snow for late March)
  • CTIA in Las Vegas (my favourite city, viagra ahem… but Mobile Jam will be cool)
  • WWW2008 in Beijing (4 years since I was there last – will I recognise it?)
  • MoMo Summit in Malaysia (2 years, viagra but ditto)

Viagra There’s certainly no shortage of mobile-related shows on at at the moment. Viagra Plenty of gigs containing the words “mobile”, viagra “web”, viagra “2.0” again this year. Viagra I think there are another two Spring events in London that I’ve missed from my list – and after all that I know I’m still, viagra sadly, viagra missing another sponsoree, viagra Over The Air.

Viagra Secondly, viagra things going on at dotMobi and elsewhere:

  • DeviceAtlas (launched last month, viagra roaring success, viagra 1, viagra000 users already, viagra yes I wrote some of the code)
  • (none of my code! but try flight codes and currency questions…)
  • (going from strength to strength…. Viagra 10, viagra000 users)
  • (and similar… interesting idea, viagra no?)
  • MetaJam (already paying some of the household bills; thanks AdMob!)
  • HotTwit (a bit of malformed fun; probably could do more with it)
  • IvyRoot (not even ready for prime-time on my own brain yet)
  • Erlang (a solution looking for me to find a problem for)

Viagra So, viagra I guess this blog post is sort of an almanac of what’s going on in my life, viagra circa Q1 2008.

Viagra If you’re at any of the upcoming events above, viagra I’ll see you soon. Viagra If you have any comments on these various projects, viagra let me know 🙂

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May 25, 2016

Viagra Results

Viagra results Along the lines of “how to [..] feed your CTO“, viagra results and “N things you didn’t know about blogger X“, viagra results I was staring at my cluttered desktop, viagra results wondering what it all means.

Viagra results desktop.gif

Viagra results Featuring…

  • A variety of development tools (Eclipse, viagra results Visual Studio, viagra results MySQL, viagra results Wireshark, viagra results FTP, viagra results SCP, viagra results JMeter scripts, viagra results a JSON parser)
  • The Android SDK
  • Portions of a mobile web book I am writing
  • Slideware for various products  & projects
  • Domain analysis results
  • An Ubuntu ISO image and an Apache install
  • An OPML file of mobile blogs
  • My registration form for MWC
  • A JPG helpfully named “graph”
  • A bunch of browsers
  • The hiring plan for my team
  • MetaWeb Query Language documentation
  • Mobile Monday Dublin’s Peer Awards application forms
  • Two mysterious text files called “yes” and “no” (?!)
  • Some social network clients
  • Something to listen to
  • Armadillo Run
  • …and a folder named “temp” – where all this rubbish is shortly headed.

Viagra results Yes, viagra results that pretty much sums up the last 3 months of my life. Viagra results What’s on your desktop – and why?

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May 25, 2016

Herbal Vigor

Herbal vigor …but I’ll keep it short. Herbal vigor That I can so easily tells you everything you need to know about the show.

Herbal vigor There’s a lot going on at the the Mobile World Congress, herbal vigor and of course there are lots of sub-markets and sub-industries being represented. Herbal vigor But the thrust of the show is pure telecoms. Herbal vigor Device and infrastructure vendors trying to wow network operators.

Herbal vigor Everything else (in particular, herbal vigor hall 7, herbal vigor complete with porn and prayer room) is really just a side show. Herbal vigor However important you think content provision are, herbal vigor you can guarantee the telecoms world doesn’t.

Herbal vigor So, herbal vigor on that basis, herbal vigor the show was rather disappointing.

Herbal vigor If the handsets launched were supposed to be some sort of comeback, herbal vigor then Cupertino will sleep easily. Herbal vigor That side of the show was dominated by one company – who didn’t even turn up – and I thought everything else was utterly underwhelming. Herbal vigor (At most I might see myself with an X1)

Herbal vigor And on the network side, herbal vigor I’ve rather lost track. Herbal vigor The acronyms are getting farcical. Herbal vigor Too long for me to remember which ones are which, herbal vigor and which ones are actually synonyms for something else. Herbal vigor So forgive my naive conclusion that there was little news there either.

Herbal vigor In previous years, herbal vigor the implicit message from GSM was “We are the Masters of the Universe”. Herbal vigor This year, herbal vigor there’s nervousness. Herbal vigor This is an industry that knows it is about to be disrupted, herbal vigor but doesn’t quite know what to do about it.

Herbal vigor On a personal note, herbal vigor the show was most notable for the number of virtual folks I finally got to meet: James Whatley gets special thanks for finding me a personal mobby. Herbal vigor After days of being locked in with analysts and journalists, herbal vigor it was nice to come out blinking into the sun and meet people who speak my language 🙂

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