Er. The Beginning

Well I’ve had this domain for years, and never really did anything productive enough with it (except use it as my catch-all email domain).

Right now I’m feeling motivated to do something with it. Primarily a blog, I think, but also somewhere to put my Google Reader shares!

I’ve been impressed over the last few months with the collective enthusiasm around properly bootstrapping the mobile web. I’ve worked in this area since about 1997 (when the Unwired Planet products started crossing the pond) so it would be wonderful if it turns out that it took only 10 years for it to finally reach some sort of fruition.

I’m no environmentalist, and certainly far from green. But I’m scared about climate change. Rather than resorting to the common euphemism of ‘save the planet’ (which can probably look after itself), I’d go for ‘save the species’ (meaning ours). Bad times ahead. 

And of course the web. It’s become a cliche to say ‘I hate buzzwords, but let’s talk about web2.0’. I think it’s great to unashamedly talk in terms of buzzwords! It’s that ‘collective enthusiasm’ thing again.

Probably also a good place to chuck links to a variety of other projects I’ve got underway.