Mr Pearce builds a .mobi site (part 0)

An interesting thing happened a few days ago. My domain registrar sent me a mail to tell me that the .mobi versions of each of my .com domains were still available. Would I like to purchase them?

Not interesting in a direct marketing sort of way, but interesting for me, since I’ve been watching the promise of the mobile web evolve since 1998, and now we’re getting to a point where my registrar is mailing me to get me to upgrade my domains… cool. (It’s happening, it’s happening!)

Anyway. Also interesting because I don’t yet have a .mobi address, and I guess I should get one, and build a site. I’m also intrigued because, as far as I can tell, the .mobi TLD is about more than just a dot and four letters: I think I’m also going to need to prove my site is up to the job.

So, I thought I’d document the process as it happens. A step-by-step diary of how I get on. (Step 1: think of an interesting mobile proposition for which the .mobi address is still available! That’s going to take a few hours…)

Stay tuned for my progress. If things work out, it might also serve as a bluffer’s tutorial to bootstrapping a mobile site.