Mr Pearce builds a .mobi site (part 2)

Well I’ve sat on this project for a week or so. Other business calls. But I’ve had a chance to do some preparation.

Firstly, I signed up for the .mobi developer forum at (which is a cool domain, at least). With a desktop browser, you get redirected to – perhaps some sort of a convention – but, nicest of all, you can also view the site on a mobile.

(So I guess when you’re out and about and scratching your head about a development problem, you can hook up and surf for answers.)

The only catch seemed to be that I couldn’t sign up for an account on my phone. I had to do that on the PC, which was slightly frustrating.

There’s some good stuff there. How to use WURFL for example, and how to skin up CMS and blog platforms for mobile. I’m sure there’s more to come – in the meantime, the blogs are worth a read. But it’s not yet a vibrant buzzing community… I guess these things take time and I’ll keep checking back.

For now, I think I’ll need to forge my own path. I guess I should plan to contribute what I find back into the developer community.