Mr Pearce builds a .mobi site (part 3)

…and in a fit of early morning motivation, I’ve built a parked page for the front of the site.

Firstly, I set the DNS servers for the domain to be my hosting company (this seemed to take about 10 minutes to propogate – I’m sure it should have been hours).

Then I stole a markup template from Those who know me probably realise I know how to bootstrap an HTML page 🙂 but I took the template approach to 1) get an idea of the sort of page structure the .mobi guys were recommending, and 2) get the declarations and DTDs right. I can never remember that stuff.

I rationalised the in-line CSS a bit since some style attributes were duplicated in the template, and I’m still assuming that every byte counts in mobile. Then uploaded.


Looks OK in Internet Explorer:


Looks OK in Firefox (give or take some anti-aliasing):


Looks OK in some device emulators:



(although I can already see I’ll need to learn something about font sizing…)

Most importantly, it seems to work on a real phone.



So far, so easy 🙂