Speaking in Budapest

Hey, I get a mention in GoMo News. It was a slightly bizarre event, as it was right next door to

Anyway, I was speaking on mobile video and its future. I was fairly clear that the IP-streaming ‘Mobile TV’ paradigm is in some sort of a sweet-spot at the moment, but I also covered some of the other technologies available, as well as the usual challenges (quality etc etc etc)

Before and after me were two speakers who both represented vendors in the ‘video shortcode’ space. Completely unknown to me, the world isn’t interested in video streaming – they only want to use their video phones to dial up shortcodes to see the telly. Or perhaps it was just a slightly biased panel…

Anyway, personally I don’t care whether it’s streamed over packets, or called in over a circuit. I’ll be happy for anything that evolves mobile phone usage to realms outside voice. And good luck to the gentlemen from MXTelecom and D2See 🙂