The mobile walls come down

Long feasible in the US, but only starting to get traction in Europe, the idea of flat-rate, open-garden mobile access to the Internet might be coming…

Interesting stuff. Of course this is an operator with a network built for this sort of thing, but which has previously been as ‘walled’ by default.

I think the inevitable is happening and another catalyst of the mobile web (as envisioned by many) is happening as we speak.

This factor (the lack of flat rate combined with open access) has long been touted as pretty much the one and only thing holding back mass mobile web user adoption.

Let’s hope that’s right. It seems a couple of enlightened mobile operators are about to try to help us prove it.

I truly hope it won’t call our bluff (and we’ll merely find some other excuse for failure!)

You know what you have to do 🙂