The most expensive web cam

A question on the Mobile Monday mailing list today: how to stream video from a mobile phone?

Obviously streaming the other way is a fairly well known science, but the other way? Well, before thinking too much about why (I envision a remote controlled helicopter with suspened camera – controlled by SMS 🙂 ) I had a look about…

My initial assumption was that you’d need to write some software (my first answer to everything). There are Symbian APIs for the camera and codecs, J2ME JSRs to approach the same thing, and maybe even some Pocket PC APIs.

But then a couple of Google searches found Mobiola (only works over USB and Bluetooth) and finally, Comvu on PPC. Genius.

Community feedback seems to be positive. But I guess we’ll need to wait for HSUPA until we all become roving live broadcasters & vloggers…