Fixed web shrinks! Mobile web grows!

It’s almost a month since I did this before, and I’m doing it today in case I am disciplined enough to start doing it the first day of every month.

This is the Google page count, using the site:.tld query syntax: 6,610,000,000 (down 12%) 2,340,000,000 (up 4%) 530,000,000 (down 8%) 63,500,000 (down 22%) 23,700,000 (down 10%) 20,100,000 (down 7%) 354,000 (up 50%)

It seems fairly unlikely that the web is shrinking quite as much as that… so this probably highlights changes to Google’s page counting algorithm more than anything else.

Certainly the dubious science of this study 🙂

But anyway, it was worth it for the title. And makes us all feel cheerful for the start of the year.