Surfing the augursphere

Why does New Year make everyone believe they are talented soothsayers of the impending twelve months?

Or worse, the retrospective variant: “here’s how clever I was at predicting last year a year ago”.

(Bah humbug) 

I can’t move for “bubble x.0”, “web y.0”, “mobile z.0” predictions filling up my Google Reader. And I’m not going to fall for the temptation of making any predictions myself (this was merely an idea 🙂 )

But one silver lining is notable: nearly every one of these (from the web, technology, and mobile blogospheres) seem to think 2007 is the year when the mobile web will be a success.

I don’t think anything so undefinable ever becomes a success in a single calendar period. What year did the Internet “take off”?!?

But I think I know what they mean.

All the technology ingredients are there. The economics are starting to take shape. The public seems to be supportive of change on the web as a whole – so why not mobile too?


And I’m putting my career where my mouth is. So stay tuned.

Happy new year everyone!