Can MaxJet keep a skeptic happy?

I live near Guildford UK, and I need to get to Charlotte in North Carolina.

Now, there’s a direct flight from Gatwork (45 mins away) to Charlotte. But it’s a bit pricey this late in the day.

So we’re trying MaxJet. MaxJet appears to me to be to business class what EasyJet is to economy. But let’s see. I’m game.

But they fly from Stanstead to Washington, and then I connect down to Charlotte. So I’m already grumpy. It’s at least 2 and half hours to Stanstead, and then I have to change. It makes it almost like a 3-leg journey.

I get to check-in. Oh dear – their plane’s out of action. We’re having to use someone else’s. Lots of people complaining that their seats don’t recline (and so on)

I’m not cheerful at this point. I could have been half way to Greenland by now. (And I’m stuck in Essex – the horror of it all!)

But… someone’s smiling down on me. They’ve reassigned all the seats. This other plane has different classes and I seem to have been put right up the front in “Ultra Premium Business Class”. Well; that sounds interesting.

I struggle past hoards of package flights to the MaxJet lounge. At least I can get some peace and quiet.

Oh. Whoah. They have free wifi in the lounge.

I love MaxJet 🙂