Dallas Mavericks and out

Well, I forgot to mention it… but the MaxJet flight we got reseated on was the Dallas Maverick’s private jet.

Hilariously, I was in “Ultra First Class” – which is preumably where the 7-foot+ basketball players sit. I did in fact have 10 feet of leg room. Thank you Mark Cuban.

Less impressed were those ‘business class’ travellers who were relegated to the economy seats at the back of the plane (for the physiotherapists and score-keepers?). Oh, and we did arrive fairly late and I had to run for the connecting flight.

Coming home even my humour didn’t last though… at the JFK check-in desk: “We’ve got bad news; the flight’s just left the UK”.

Well, there’s no way I’m waiting eight hours for a departure at 4am, and a wrecked weekend. So, a nifty hop onto the monorail, a phone to the travel agency, and two hours later I’m flat, asleep, and on my way home – no thanks to my scheduled carrier.

So a skeptic proven right I guess. And I still don’t know what a MaxJet plane actually looks like.