Pearce Fogg takes mobile a bit too literally

With a wedding anniversary on Sunday and son’s birthday the following Saturday, fitting in a few important business trips visits to Beijing, San Francisco and New York (not to mention central London to pick up a visa) appears impossible.

But in a Vernian moment, I remembered the date line. So, in fact, it turns out I can…

  1. apply for visa on Monday morning
  2. receive visa and fly from Heathrow Monday afternoon
  3. have 2 days of meetings in Beijing, Tuesday and Wednesday
  4. speak at a conference in San Francisco on (my replay of) Wednesday
  5. do an interview with the WSJ in New York on Thursday
  6. get home on Friday morning

And still get home in time to help prepare for the aforementioned birthday.

3.5 days and all the way round. I think that beats my day trip to the Rockies. Is this why they call it the mobile web?