Big dotMobi news

I’m itching to be the first to blurt this out. (Although it was a poorly-kept secret, to be honest 😉 )

Yes, I’m back on the “everything you ever wanted to know about mobile devices in a structured way” tip.

But this time, I’ve got more help. One or two well-known dotMobi investors, for example. But also, the one and only Andrea Trasatti, who I’ve managed to persuade to join us from the WURFL project.

(I think he’s just as excited as I am about the plan, so it seemed to be an easy sell… but I’m sure he’ll blog extensively about it himself)

One of the most important things is that this shows we’re trying to make dotMobi far more than just a registry of domain names.

To help the mobile web fulfil its opportunity, we have to tackle big problems. And, oh yes, this is a big one.

It’s going to take a month or two of feverish development, but it’s already starting to take shape. Stay tuned – this stuff is important for the future of mobile.