Google mobile ad revenue: 74% growth… day-on-day

An interesting set of stats came in over night from Russell Beattie.

He’s tracking his new Google Mobile AdSense revenue to see how it catches up or matches AdMob‘s.

Regardless of the quality of the ads, their mobile contextuality, or the two providers’ relative brands,  I maintain that most mobile web developers will go with the provider that helps them fill their pockets quickest.

And because I suspect Russell is particular AdMob fan, the result he presents is particularly noteworthy.

$3.50 on Wednesday.

$18.54 by Saturday.

That’s something like 74% average daily growth.

Russell claims these have now “caught up to my AdMob earnings in just 4 days”. Judging by the table, the growth is being fuelled by new clicks, despite the impressions being stable. So perhaps the quality and contextuality of Google’s ads are their driving forces.

[…disclosure: Google is an investor in my company. But even if they were not, this would still be pretty amazing]

UPDATE: I got the maths wrong. It’s higher than I originally stated!