London, Orlando, Boston. This week it’s the turn of [London](, [Orlando](, [Boston]( This week it’s the turn of to host the next of what appears to be becoming this Autumn’s fortnightly conference-series-just-with-different-names.

Signs are good that this is going to be the best one though. To some extent, there are a few of the usual suspects there. But slides have been banned (yay) and that should stimulate discussion. And I rate the organisers highly – they’ve brought together a good crowd.

Personally, I hope we spend as little time as possible bolstering our own cliquey reputations,  and more time trying to figure out how to make sure that next year, we’re down the road (storming the palace) rather than sitting it out on the periphery.

Still, the mobile revolution has to start somewhere I guess.

(And I don’t mean with dodgy regex!__)