The dotMobi Site Building Competition

The folks at dotMobi are a fairly creative bunch, so we thought it would be fun to run a site building competition amonst the staff.

Competing in two categories – my engineering team vs everyone else – the staff were all in the running for two shiny iPhones. Plus, of course, the opportunity to try and avoid bricking them on Irish networks.

The competition has just finished. All in all, not bad work for a few weeks of our (little) spare time.

A quick fanfare for Ronan Cremin (of fame), who built quite simply one of the coolest – or should I say most useful – mobile apps I’ve seen in a long time. SVG maps! PNG trains! MP3 dictation! It’s all in there 🙂

You can get to the full list of sites directly on your mobile at …here are some of the best of the bunch:

The non-technical category (i.e. marketing, finance and the executive team)

Bear in mind (and I am sure no-one in this category minds me telling you) that none of them know how to write HTML or perhaps even recognise it 🙂

Amy Mischler; mobile yoga

Caroline Greer; ICANN travel log

Gesu Sood (category winner); fun on the run

Norbert Grey; “Gone to the dogs”

Zico Moro; Dublin city guide

The technical category (i.e. the engineering team)

These guys know a little magic – or so they assure me, at least

Cyril Couffignal; Send picture-messages via email to a web gallery

James Pearce; a movie database for your pocket (disqualified for being the judge)

Jo Rabin; A W3C test tool for mobile

Ronan Cremin (category winner); how to commute in Dublin City

Ruadhan O’Donoghue; directions and traffic information

Stephen Stewart; The dotMobi Advent Calendar

What creativity and invention! Yes, it turns out that there are lots of uncharted opportunities for the mobile medium.

When motivation and decent tools are put into the hands of people who have interesting ideas, you never know what will happen.