.mobi auctions: Music, Games, Sports, WTF?

Results in from the latest domain auction at Sedo:

  1. – $616,000

  2. – $401,500

  3. – $101,000

Very exciting. This proves that there’s significant economic heat building up in the mobile web. A medium starting grow up.

It’s a shame that some people will undoubtedly whinge about the fact that this is pretty amazing income for something as simple as a domain name.

But most importantly to me, and, I hope, to the entire mobile community, is the fact that this is helping fund all the other stuff we do. It certainly doesn’t feel like money for nothing.

Ever wondered who pays for the essential, and …Device Atlas? Answer: the bidders in these auctions. And we’ll continue to do our best to make the community benefit from it.

(and PS: yes, we will be making sure these winning sites are .mobi compliant)