A Mobile Democratic Dilemma in Dublin

Dear Mobile Blogosphere, your advice please.

I run Mobile Monday in Dublin. We put 4 local mobile startups up for vote for nomination to the MoMo Peer Awards in Barcelona. Final results were as follows:

Now obviously, there’s a fairly comprehensive win for Sentry Wireless. However, we also had about 120 new members to the group in the last 24 hours, and there’s a decent correlation with the voting.

On one hand I welcome new members! On the other hand, I’m not sure that this results accurately represents the balance of our traditional membership. Quite a few of the new subscriptions immediately unsubscribed.

I now feel a little like the UN trying to make sense of a country’s democracy after failed elections. Should I …

A) Leave the poll results as they stand

B) Void the results of anyone who joined after the poll was announced

C) Put the vote back out to the 9,000 members on

D) Make my own independent professional judgement based on the applications