Changing the world… two products at a time

Wondered where I’d gone? Thought we’d been a bit quiet at dotMobi for a little while?

Sorry 🙂

Next week is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And if you’re blogging, you can’t also be flat out trying to release something seismic for the mobile world.

DeviceAtlas. A huge lump of tarmac falling from the sky to fill in that huge pothole in the middle of the mobile superhighway (the one labelled “too many damn devices”). And Start all over again and re-imagine search for mobile from the ground up. What would it look like?

Any idea of how involved these are? I only just realised I’m doing an introduction at the MoMo Peer Awards on Monday.

If you’re one of the 1,000 people waiting for email from me, don’t panic. I am alive. Just. (“Yes! We found the memory leak!”)

Sleep can wait. All coming soon. I’ll see you next week.