I am in Private Eye

This is an odd feeling: Standing in line for security at O’Hare… Idly reading Private Eye… Turning to page 27…  WAIT a minute! That looks familiar! I wrote that!

Yes, yours truly has the dubious honour of having made Pseud’s Corner.

For those of you not familiar with the aforementioned organ, Private Eye is a satirical UK magazine that has a regular spot where outrageous quotes from the pretentious and precocious are paraded. Authors, actors, art critics and such like.

This week, a mobile CTO!Seems the editors look a shine to my Mobile Monday Barcelona introduction.

OK, so maybe it was a little heavy on the rhetoric, but still… I get to share this (perhaps dubious) honour with Fay Weldon, Ozwald Boateng and A.A. Gill – so it can’t be entirely bad.