Plans, projects, places

It feels strange blogging these days. Everything appears to fly past on Twitter instead.

But just an update on some things going on here. Firstly my movements, recently and soon:

There’s certainly no shortage of mobile-related shows on at at the moment. Plenty of gigs containing the words “mobile”, “web”, “2.0” again this year. I think there are another two Spring events in London that I’ve missed from my list – and after all that I know I’m still, sadly, missing another sponsoree, Over The Air.

Secondly, things going on at dotMobi and elsewhere:

So, I guess this blog post is sort of an almanac of what’s going on in my life, circa Q1 2008.

If you’re at any of the upcoming events above, I’ll see you soon. If you have any comments on these various projects, let me know 🙂