My Blog; 2006-2011 & 2022-

This blog has been dormant for over ten years. But not extinct!

A decade at Facebook & Meta has been a wild journey, and a trillion things have happened that would probably have made great blog content.

But for various reasons, I didn’t keep this channel going: generally a combination of limited time, investing in internal communications instead, and yes, a degree of confidentiality.

However, in 2022, I want to see if I can find that voice again! Are blogs still a thing?

I’m not sure what the dominant themes will be, but you should expect some creative pieces (I’m trying to be more present on GitHub and build things!), notes on what I find as I explore technologies as yet unfamiliar to me - and maybe a few personal posts.

For the nautically inclined, my wife Jayne and I have been building a boat. Follow that adventure on Scout Sailing.

See you soon!